Ruinlords' Rise


Upon returning to Sandpoint, the PC’s are able to speak to the locals and peruse Nualia’s journals in more detail. Putting together the knowledge gained with Shalelu’s goblin lore, they recognize the wisdom of their decision to return to town after Nualia’s defeat. Lore has it that there is a beast trapped in the depths of Thistletop dungeon known by the name of Malfeshnekor. The beast has been imprisoned for centuries. At one time, it spoke to Lamashtu clerics at the Thistletop temple convincing them to serve him. However, the recent goblins were too stupid to be able to interpret his empathetic link. Since Nualia came, Malfeshnekor saw a chance at finally securing his release from his prison while Nualia saw him as her chance to become a true demon. Nualia is unsure how to activate the entrance to his prison, but feels certain it is very close to the area where she was found studying.

During this time the PC’s are able to kick their feet up, relax, craft, and buy things at the rock bottom prices that only Sandpoint has to offer. The townspeople welcome all of them as one of their own. With the heroes victorious and evil crushed, what could possible go wrong? In the midst of all the celebration, maybe he’s just a Debbie Downer, but Ridley swears someone took his toothbrush…


After returning to town to heal up, the PC’s return to Thistletop to continue exploring the catacombs under the fortress. Shortly after entering the dungeon, the party hears strange noises coming from another room. Shaelu immediately runs to the open the door revealing the nipple ringed bugbear Bruthasmus copulating with four of Ripnugget’s wives. Father Lester ran directly in the room and was set upon by the wives. However neither party was able do any damage to each other. Shaelu and Bruthasmus immediately stated attacking each other, and she was definitely getting the worst of it before Sandusky helped kill him. While this was happening, a hired fighter named Orec came out of another door after hearing all the noise. He started to attack Debow, but Ridley greased the floor under him causing him to fall and be subject to multiple attacks. Bruthasmus dies, Orec surrenders and the party easily takes out the rest of the goblin wives.

Orec is questioned and gives limited information about the dungeons, other than he is disgusted with all that is going on down here. In return for his freedom, the PC’s take his money and weapons, but leave him with a heal potion, (which he probably would have drunk while he was waiting for the fight to be over anyway). Shaelu takes an elf ear necklace and some expensive elfbane arrows Bruthasmus has and leaves to bury them. The PC’s search the surrounding rooms and find nothing but useless goblin junk.

Next the group goes to a more cave like part of the dungeon where they encounter some kind of octopus thing. It catches Sandusky with it’s claw and attempts to slip it’s stinger into him. It misses. Then it does the same to Debow. The stinger goes in, but Debow’s fortitude resists the organ liquefying juice. After the beast falls, the PC’s hack up the body to ensure that it does not reanimate. There is also nothing in these rooms.

The PC’s come to a temple like room where Ridley sends some dancing lights in discovering two Yeth Hounds waiting in ambush in the darkness. Though their armor class was low, the beast’s DR made them hard to hurt. However Debow did manage to grapple one hastening its demise. After they were killed the party searched the Temple and found where Nualia burned the remains of Father Tobin. Teg takes the ashes to be reburied in Tobin’s old grave, or scattered or whatever Zantos wants to do with them. Finding nothing else here, the PC’s searched the remaining rooms and found some plans for the invasion of the town on a table. Teg takes the plans.

The group goes down some stairs to a lower level where they come upon a magic square in the floor. They detect that it is there but Ridley, interested in some ruins on a door down the hall, crosses over it activating the ancient trap. Two portcullises come down, sealing him in, then two statues animate themselves and take swings at him, hurting him bad. Then the floor opens, but Ridley beats 3/20 odds and jumps to a ledge avoiding falling into a pit of bodies and skeletons. The party figures out that the trap is weight activated and attempts to jump over it. Lester and Debow refuse to use any of their heroism, fail to make the jump and wind up falling in the trap. With much difficulty, the PC’s figure out how to get them out, by wedging a statue in the portcullis, and disabling the trap.

The PC’s are then faced with two doors North or South. They go north and come into the room with Nualia, a Yeth Hound, and another wizard woman. Ridley shoots out a web catching the wizard and the hound, and slowing Nualia. Sandusky finishes the wizard easily, but Nualia and the Yeth Hound repeadly beat Debow down, and it is all Lester can do to keep him at positive hit points. Ridley summons two earth elementals to make up for Debow’s combat implosion and Nualia goes down, leaving the Yeth Hound, which is easily dispatched.

Along with the usual boss treasure, the PC’s find Nualia’s notes chronicling her descent from angel to demon, in addition to her hooking up with the Skinshaw Men. She also had a sihedron medallion which had a couple of magical properties. The PC’s take all this stuff. Due to Lester burning up all his channels to keep Debow alive, the party is not prepared to finish searching the rest of the dungeon.

The PC’s head back to town and rest for a week. They will show the plans, diaries, and medallion to the Sherriff Hemlock, Father Zantos, Ameiko, and Mayor Dererin. Ridley will begin making some wondrous items. Teg will continue to use his celebrity to bed some more local women. Debow will no doubt pray and flagellate himself for his repeated failures in the dungeon. Father Lester plans to work with Father Zantos in the temple training young acolytes in the way of the church. Sandusky will go into sleep-mode until the next adventure to save battery power.


The PC’s discussed the situation of what they found with Father Zantos and the Sheriff. Zantos stated that he didn’t think it was a good idea to go destroy the runewell. Teg was very much opposed to letting it remain intact, but no action was taken against the ruinwell by the PC’s or townspeople.

Sheleu returned to Sandpoint and indicated that there was a significant goblin base on Thistletop. Father Zantos also pointed out that he believed that Nualia had taken the remains of Father Tobin there. Some merchants came to town and said that goblins had run off with their prize horse, Shadowmist, and offered the PC’s 500gp if they could bring her back.

With no leads on the horse, the PC’s headed for Thistletop with Sheleu as their guide. They first came to a confusing set of brambles which marked the opening to some 4 foot high tunnel into a wall of brambles. Their first encounter in the brambles happened in a relative clearing with some goblins who turned out to be refugees from a goblin tribe that suffered a number of casualties in the raid on Sandpoint. The PC’s killed all but one, from whom they learned about Ripnugget and Gogmurt, along with the fact that Nualia is sleeping with goblins now.

Continuing through the brambles lead to a fight with Gogmurt in which the PC’s were flanked on two sides by the goblin-druid Grogmurt and his big cat Tangletooth, and on the other side by 4 goblin dogs. Grogmurt was able to pass freely through the entangling brambles, and cast entanglement on a large area reducing the effectiveness of the party. Ridley eventually cast a web holding Grogmurt and Tangletooth, but after the goblin dogs were defeated, Sandusky in his inpatient hast ran into the web and had to have it burned off of him.

When the PC’s came out of the brambles they noticed a rickety old bridge with Teg carrying Grogmurt’s head on his own spear, blatantly flashing it to any goblins in the fortress on the other side. Due to it’s rickediness, the PC’s crossed one at a time with Debow going first only to be attacked by goblins and their dogs. The others eventually crossed and with the help of another well placed web, the PC’s overcame the opposition. The original plan was for Debow to tie a rope to help shore up the bridge, but once the attack began, no one remembered to do this. The PC’s did note that the bridge was wired so that a rope could be pulled to cause the bridge to dump anyone crossing in the ocean below. Teg also scored an unheard of critical acid splash on a goblin that not only did 5 points of damage, but damaged his dex by 4.

Inside the fortress, the PC’s opened a door to a training room which was filled with goblins. Debow and Sandusky blocked the door, but many of the goblins went around to a connecting hall and were able to flank the weaker PC’s who usually stay in the rear. Once all the goblins were killed, the PC’s found the merchants stolen horse, Shadowmist, but when they opened the stall door, the horse had been so mistreated, that it attacked the PC’s then ran out the door. However, it fell off the bridge when it tried to cross.

The PC’s continued to search the fortress and found Ripnuget’s throne room, and even though the PC’s taunted him, he invited Teg to settle this conflict without further violence. Father Lester told Teg that the goblin was lying, but Teg wanted to see what would happen anyway. The boss turned out to be a liar, and a number of other goblins popped out from their hiding places and attacked. The boss mounted a giant gecko and made a number of ride by attacks before the PC’s brought him down. The rest of the goblins went down without much trouble.

After this fight, the PC’s returned to town with their captive goblins, even though Sheleu had rather killed the lot of them.


The adventure started out by some halfling maid telling us that Ameiko was missing. She gave the PC’s a note which led them to the Sandpoint Glassworks where they were stumped when the door was locked. After opening the door, and going into the showroom the PC’s encountered a number of goblins, their dogs and Ameiko’s brother Tsuto.

During the fight, the PC’s were almost overwhelmed by the host of enemies, when Teg went down at the start, and Debow dropped his sword. Fortunately Sandusky was able to continue hitting, Lester kept healing, and Ridley colorsprayed many enemies, then did the same to Tsuto. In the glassworks, Tusto had encased his father in glass, and he and the goblins had killed many of the workers. Ameiko was hurt bad in the closet. The PC’s healed her, and tried to question Tsuto, who, even though he was tied up, unexpectedly threw himself in a glass furnace and burned up.

This was not before the PC’s got his journal which detailed his plans for the goblin invasion of Sandpoint a few days ago, and a future invasion. The journal also noted that not only was Nualia alive after the old cathedral burned, but that Tsuto is in love with her. There were a number of erotic drawings in the journal, that showed how Nualia is trying to mutate herself into a true worshiper of Lamashtu. The journal also noted a shrine at Thistletop where Nualia burned her father’s remains.

Under the glassworks was a tunnel leading to caverns under the city of Sandpoint. There the PC’s ran into a Sinspawn that was waiting to fight them in a lonely dark room. They traveled further and found a room with a quasit, Erylium, who created a Sinspawn by cutting herself and having the blood fall into a runewell. She then summoned a demon and a dire rat. During an attack of opportunity, Debow broke his sword. The party focused on trying to kill the summoned creatures. Only Sandusky was able to hit the boss with consistency, although once the hitting started, Teg cast his remaining Magic Missiles, and Ridley did get a critical hit with the crossbow.

Once the room was cleared, Teg cut his hand and let more blood into the runewell causing another sinspawn to emerge, but diminishing the well’s power. The spawn was defeated and the ritual was repeated again, causing the ruinwell to lose its power. The PC’s found a +1 ring and long sword in the bottom.

In the final fight of the tunnels, the PC’s faced some zombies and a mutated goblin, Koruvus with little arms coming out of his head. One of the little arms had a silver dagger in it that stabbed Debow in the chest causing him to have a sucking chest wound. Lester channeled, killing and damaging many zombies. The casters who were out of spells wound up cutting and clawing on one zombie, while Debow laid hands on himself before he and Sandusky killed the goblin boss. There was another room off of this one where everything floated, and the PC’s recovered what looked like the remains of a dead caster: wand, rotten raven, evil prayer book, and a scroll.

The party made their way back to town and told Father Zantus what they found. The new sheriff came back with a usless group of men to reinforce the town.


While at the Swallowtail Party dedicating Sandpoint’s new temple, the PC’s are mingling and enjoying the fine food when all of a sudden an army of goblins attacked the town. The PC’s kill six them in of the dedication area, and realized that these weren’t the only attacks in the city. They heard an explosion, realized that it was most likely from a wagon carrying fuel for the bonfire, and ran to deal with it.

There they found four more goblins lead by a war chanter whom the PC’s all defeated, but not before Chelma and Dim were repeatedly whipped to the ground. Then they heard a high pitched scream down another alley, and saw four regular goblins and a commando goblin on a goblin dog trying to kill Aldern Foxglove, a noble. The PC’s killed the smaller goblins, and captured the commando, who told them that he was given orders by a humanoid, but couldn’t tell if it was a human or elf nor did he know if it was male or female (all longshanks look the same). Foxglove was very appreciative and said invited the PC’s to meet him in the Rusty Dragon later.

The prisoner was turned over to Belor Hemlock, the town sheriff, who told the PC’s that the remains of Father Ezakien Tobyn had been dug up and taken out of the cemetary during the battle. The PC’s inspected the site, but did not find any clues about who took the remains. The sheriff remains a person of interest as someone who may be responsible for the attack even though he is like an uncle to Dim.

The PC’s turned out to be the town’s heros, and were given free food and lodging at the Rusty Dragon by Ameiko Kaijitsu, and discounts at Ven Vinder’s store. They were also invited on a boar hunt by the Foxglove noble. When the PC’s agreed, he gave the 500gp.

The next day the party met with the town mayor, Kendra Dererin, Sheriff Hemlock, and Sheleu Andosana (elven goblin hunteress). The PC’s were asked to patrol the town in two days while Balor went to Korvosa to get reenforcements. The PC’s spend the day basking in the adoration of the town while old women push bread into Teg’s hands, and young girls give notes to Debow.

Later that evening, in the Rusty Dragon, the Party meets again with Sheleu, who gives them the following information: Five tribes of goblins were united in the attack. Sheleu is worried about them because goblins usually do not usually work together, and she thinks they are under the control of a powerful boss.

Sheleu says: goblins hate & fear horses and dogs. Goblins also hate writing as they think it steals their soul. They get stuck easy due to their large heads. She also mentions some goblin heros: Big Dug Mutt, Korubus (7 tooth) (big sword), Vorka goblin cannible (licto), Ripnuggett (thissletop) best lair.

Shayliss Vinder comes into the Dragon and tells Debow that her father has large vermin in the basement of his store and asks if he alone would help get them out. He agrees and goes down there alone with the young woman who has candles and a cot set up for the two of them. Debow fumbles with her requests for love and gently pushes her away when she starts taking off her clothes. He does not hear her father come back in the store nor down the stairs, but tells Shayliss that he cannot be with her because of his devotion to his god. Ven hears all of this and tells Dim to get out while he disciplines his slutty daughter. Dim later disciplines himself, by whipping his back with the whip the goblin warsinger repeatedly tripped him with.

During the boar hunt, Foxglove is annoyingly facinated by Ridley, who he credited for saving his life. Ridley demonstrated some tricks for him until the boar came, then Ridley stunned it and allowed Foxglove to kill it. The party ate it that night and Foxglove invited the party to visit him whenever they were in Magnimar.

While patroling the following day, the heros killed a goblin who was hiding out in a local house and had killed the father and the family dog. They also ridded the docks of 5 very powerful goblin snakes.

The PC’s are currently awaiting the return of the Sheriff and his reenforcements, who probably went to join the goblins in their cave to complete the ritual that will bring Father Tobyn back from the dead.


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