Ruinlords' Rise


While at the Swallowtail Party dedicating Sandpoint’s new temple, the PC’s are mingling and enjoying the fine food when all of a sudden an army of goblins attacked the town. The PC’s kill six them in of the dedication area, and realized that these weren’t the only attacks in the city. They heard an explosion, realized that it was most likely from a wagon carrying fuel for the bonfire, and ran to deal with it.

There they found four more goblins lead by a war chanter whom the PC’s all defeated, but not before Chelma and Dim were repeatedly whipped to the ground. Then they heard a high pitched scream down another alley, and saw four regular goblins and a commando goblin on a goblin dog trying to kill Aldern Foxglove, a noble. The PC’s killed the smaller goblins, and captured the commando, who told them that he was given orders by a humanoid, but couldn’t tell if it was a human or elf nor did he know if it was male or female (all longshanks look the same). Foxglove was very appreciative and said invited the PC’s to meet him in the Rusty Dragon later.

The prisoner was turned over to Belor Hemlock, the town sheriff, who told the PC’s that the remains of Father Ezakien Tobyn had been dug up and taken out of the cemetary during the battle. The PC’s inspected the site, but did not find any clues about who took the remains. The sheriff remains a person of interest as someone who may be responsible for the attack even though he is like an uncle to Dim.

The PC’s turned out to be the town’s heros, and were given free food and lodging at the Rusty Dragon by Ameiko Kaijitsu, and discounts at Ven Vinder’s store. They were also invited on a boar hunt by the Foxglove noble. When the PC’s agreed, he gave the 500gp.

The next day the party met with the town mayor, Kendra Dererin, Sheriff Hemlock, and Sheleu Andosana (elven goblin hunteress). The PC’s were asked to patrol the town in two days while Balor went to Korvosa to get reenforcements. The PC’s spend the day basking in the adoration of the town while old women push bread into Teg’s hands, and young girls give notes to Debow.

Later that evening, in the Rusty Dragon, the Party meets again with Sheleu, who gives them the following information: Five tribes of goblins were united in the attack. Sheleu is worried about them because goblins usually do not usually work together, and she thinks they are under the control of a powerful boss.

Sheleu says: goblins hate & fear horses and dogs. Goblins also hate writing as they think it steals their soul. They get stuck easy due to their large heads. She also mentions some goblin heros: Big Dug Mutt, Korubus (7 tooth) (big sword), Vorka goblin cannible (licto), Ripnuggett (thissletop) best lair.

Shayliss Vinder comes into the Dragon and tells Debow that her father has large vermin in the basement of his store and asks if he alone would help get them out. He agrees and goes down there alone with the young woman who has candles and a cot set up for the two of them. Debow fumbles with her requests for love and gently pushes her away when she starts taking off her clothes. He does not hear her father come back in the store nor down the stairs, but tells Shayliss that he cannot be with her because of his devotion to his god. Ven hears all of this and tells Dim to get out while he disciplines his slutty daughter. Dim later disciplines himself, by whipping his back with the whip the goblin warsinger repeatedly tripped him with.

During the boar hunt, Foxglove is annoyingly facinated by Ridley, who he credited for saving his life. Ridley demonstrated some tricks for him until the boar came, then Ridley stunned it and allowed Foxglove to kill it. The party ate it that night and Foxglove invited the party to visit him whenever they were in Magnimar.

While patroling the following day, the heros killed a goblin who was hiding out in a local house and had killed the father and the family dog. They also ridded the docks of 5 very powerful goblin snakes.

The PC’s are currently awaiting the return of the Sheriff and his reenforcements, who probably went to join the goblins in their cave to complete the ritual that will bring Father Tobyn back from the dead.



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