Ruinlords' Rise


Upon returning to Sandpoint, the PC’s are able to speak to the locals and peruse Nualia’s journals in more detail. Putting together the knowledge gained with Shalelu’s goblin lore, they recognize the wisdom of their decision to return to town after Nualia’s defeat. Lore has it that there is a beast trapped in the depths of Thistletop dungeon known by the name of Malfeshnekor. The beast has been imprisoned for centuries. At one time, it spoke to Lamashtu clerics at the Thistletop temple convincing them to serve him. However, the recent goblins were too stupid to be able to interpret his empathetic link. Since Nualia came, Malfeshnekor saw a chance at finally securing his release from his prison while Nualia saw him as her chance to become a true demon. Nualia is unsure how to activate the entrance to his prison, but feels certain it is very close to the area where she was found studying.

During this time the PC’s are able to kick their feet up, relax, craft, and buy things at the rock bottom prices that only Sandpoint has to offer. The townspeople welcome all of them as one of their own. With the heroes victorious and evil crushed, what could possible go wrong? In the midst of all the celebration, maybe he’s just a Debbie Downer, but Ridley swears someone took his toothbrush…



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