Ruinlords' Rise


After returning to town to heal up, the PC’s return to Thistletop to continue exploring the catacombs under the fortress. Shortly after entering the dungeon, the party hears strange noises coming from another room. Shaelu immediately runs to the open the door revealing the nipple ringed bugbear Bruthasmus copulating with four of Ripnugget’s wives. Father Lester ran directly in the room and was set upon by the wives. However neither party was able do any damage to each other. Shaelu and Bruthasmus immediately stated attacking each other, and she was definitely getting the worst of it before Sandusky helped kill him. While this was happening, a hired fighter named Orec came out of another door after hearing all the noise. He started to attack Debow, but Ridley greased the floor under him causing him to fall and be subject to multiple attacks. Bruthasmus dies, Orec surrenders and the party easily takes out the rest of the goblin wives.

Orec is questioned and gives limited information about the dungeons, other than he is disgusted with all that is going on down here. In return for his freedom, the PC’s take his money and weapons, but leave him with a heal potion, (which he probably would have drunk while he was waiting for the fight to be over anyway). Shaelu takes an elf ear necklace and some expensive elfbane arrows Bruthasmus has and leaves to bury them. The PC’s search the surrounding rooms and find nothing but useless goblin junk.

Next the group goes to a more cave like part of the dungeon where they encounter some kind of octopus thing. It catches Sandusky with it’s claw and attempts to slip it’s stinger into him. It misses. Then it does the same to Debow. The stinger goes in, but Debow’s fortitude resists the organ liquefying juice. After the beast falls, the PC’s hack up the body to ensure that it does not reanimate. There is also nothing in these rooms.

The PC’s come to a temple like room where Ridley sends some dancing lights in discovering two Yeth Hounds waiting in ambush in the darkness. Though their armor class was low, the beast’s DR made them hard to hurt. However Debow did manage to grapple one hastening its demise. After they were killed the party searched the Temple and found where Nualia burned the remains of Father Tobin. Teg takes the ashes to be reburied in Tobin’s old grave, or scattered or whatever Zantos wants to do with them. Finding nothing else here, the PC’s searched the remaining rooms and found some plans for the invasion of the town on a table. Teg takes the plans.

The group goes down some stairs to a lower level where they come upon a magic square in the floor. They detect that it is there but Ridley, interested in some ruins on a door down the hall, crosses over it activating the ancient trap. Two portcullises come down, sealing him in, then two statues animate themselves and take swings at him, hurting him bad. Then the floor opens, but Ridley beats 3/20 odds and jumps to a ledge avoiding falling into a pit of bodies and skeletons. The party figures out that the trap is weight activated and attempts to jump over it. Lester and Debow refuse to use any of their heroism, fail to make the jump and wind up falling in the trap. With much difficulty, the PC’s figure out how to get them out, by wedging a statue in the portcullis, and disabling the trap.

The PC’s are then faced with two doors North or South. They go north and come into the room with Nualia, a Yeth Hound, and another wizard woman. Ridley shoots out a web catching the wizard and the hound, and slowing Nualia. Sandusky finishes the wizard easily, but Nualia and the Yeth Hound repeadly beat Debow down, and it is all Lester can do to keep him at positive hit points. Ridley summons two earth elementals to make up for Debow’s combat implosion and Nualia goes down, leaving the Yeth Hound, which is easily dispatched.

Along with the usual boss treasure, the PC’s find Nualia’s notes chronicling her descent from angel to demon, in addition to her hooking up with the Skinshaw Men. She also had a sihedron medallion which had a couple of magical properties. The PC’s take all this stuff. Due to Lester burning up all his channels to keep Debow alive, the party is not prepared to finish searching the rest of the dungeon.

The PC’s head back to town and rest for a week. They will show the plans, diaries, and medallion to the Sherriff Hemlock, Father Zantos, Ameiko, and Mayor Dererin. Ridley will begin making some wondrous items. Teg will continue to use his celebrity to bed some more local women. Debow will no doubt pray and flagellate himself for his repeated failures in the dungeon. Father Lester plans to work with Father Zantos in the temple training young acolytes in the way of the church. Sandusky will go into sleep-mode until the next adventure to save battery power.



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