Ruinlords' Rise


The PC’s discussed the situation of what they found with Father Zantos and the Sheriff. Zantos stated that he didn’t think it was a good idea to go destroy the runewell. Teg was very much opposed to letting it remain intact, but no action was taken against the ruinwell by the PC’s or townspeople.

Sheleu returned to Sandpoint and indicated that there was a significant goblin base on Thistletop. Father Zantos also pointed out that he believed that Nualia had taken the remains of Father Tobin there. Some merchants came to town and said that goblins had run off with their prize horse, Shadowmist, and offered the PC’s 500gp if they could bring her back.

With no leads on the horse, the PC’s headed for Thistletop with Sheleu as their guide. They first came to a confusing set of brambles which marked the opening to some 4 foot high tunnel into a wall of brambles. Their first encounter in the brambles happened in a relative clearing with some goblins who turned out to be refugees from a goblin tribe that suffered a number of casualties in the raid on Sandpoint. The PC’s killed all but one, from whom they learned about Ripnugget and Gogmurt, along with the fact that Nualia is sleeping with goblins now.

Continuing through the brambles lead to a fight with Gogmurt in which the PC’s were flanked on two sides by the goblin-druid Grogmurt and his big cat Tangletooth, and on the other side by 4 goblin dogs. Grogmurt was able to pass freely through the entangling brambles, and cast entanglement on a large area reducing the effectiveness of the party. Ridley eventually cast a web holding Grogmurt and Tangletooth, but after the goblin dogs were defeated, Sandusky in his inpatient hast ran into the web and had to have it burned off of him.

When the PC’s came out of the brambles they noticed a rickety old bridge with Teg carrying Grogmurt’s head on his own spear, blatantly flashing it to any goblins in the fortress on the other side. Due to it’s rickediness, the PC’s crossed one at a time with Debow going first only to be attacked by goblins and their dogs. The others eventually crossed and with the help of another well placed web, the PC’s overcame the opposition. The original plan was for Debow to tie a rope to help shore up the bridge, but once the attack began, no one remembered to do this. The PC’s did note that the bridge was wired so that a rope could be pulled to cause the bridge to dump anyone crossing in the ocean below. Teg also scored an unheard of critical acid splash on a goblin that not only did 5 points of damage, but damaged his dex by 4.

Inside the fortress, the PC’s opened a door to a training room which was filled with goblins. Debow and Sandusky blocked the door, but many of the goblins went around to a connecting hall and were able to flank the weaker PC’s who usually stay in the rear. Once all the goblins were killed, the PC’s found the merchants stolen horse, Shadowmist, but when they opened the stall door, the horse had been so mistreated, that it attacked the PC’s then ran out the door. However, it fell off the bridge when it tried to cross.

The PC’s continued to search the fortress and found Ripnuget’s throne room, and even though the PC’s taunted him, he invited Teg to settle this conflict without further violence. Father Lester told Teg that the goblin was lying, but Teg wanted to see what would happen anyway. The boss turned out to be a liar, and a number of other goblins popped out from their hiding places and attacked. The boss mounted a giant gecko and made a number of ride by attacks before the PC’s brought him down. The rest of the goblins went down without much trouble.

After this fight, the PC’s returned to town with their captive goblins, even though Sheleu had rather killed the lot of them.



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