Ruinlords' Rise


The adventure started out by some halfling maid telling us that Ameiko was missing. She gave the PC’s a note which led them to the Sandpoint Glassworks where they were stumped when the door was locked. After opening the door, and going into the showroom the PC’s encountered a number of goblins, their dogs and Ameiko’s brother Tsuto.

During the fight, the PC’s were almost overwhelmed by the host of enemies, when Teg went down at the start, and Debow dropped his sword. Fortunately Sandusky was able to continue hitting, Lester kept healing, and Ridley colorsprayed many enemies, then did the same to Tsuto. In the glassworks, Tusto had encased his father in glass, and he and the goblins had killed many of the workers. Ameiko was hurt bad in the closet. The PC’s healed her, and tried to question Tsuto, who, even though he was tied up, unexpectedly threw himself in a glass furnace and burned up.

This was not before the PC’s got his journal which detailed his plans for the goblin invasion of Sandpoint a few days ago, and a future invasion. The journal also noted that not only was Nualia alive after the old cathedral burned, but that Tsuto is in love with her. There were a number of erotic drawings in the journal, that showed how Nualia is trying to mutate herself into a true worshiper of Lamashtu. The journal also noted a shrine at Thistletop where Nualia burned her father’s remains.

Under the glassworks was a tunnel leading to caverns under the city of Sandpoint. There the PC’s ran into a Sinspawn that was waiting to fight them in a lonely dark room. They traveled further and found a room with a quasit, Erylium, who created a Sinspawn by cutting herself and having the blood fall into a runewell. She then summoned a demon and a dire rat. During an attack of opportunity, Debow broke his sword. The party focused on trying to kill the summoned creatures. Only Sandusky was able to hit the boss with consistency, although once the hitting started, Teg cast his remaining Magic Missiles, and Ridley did get a critical hit with the crossbow.

Once the room was cleared, Teg cut his hand and let more blood into the runewell causing another sinspawn to emerge, but diminishing the well’s power. The spawn was defeated and the ritual was repeated again, causing the ruinwell to lose its power. The PC’s found a +1 ring and long sword in the bottom.

In the final fight of the tunnels, the PC’s faced some zombies and a mutated goblin, Koruvus with little arms coming out of his head. One of the little arms had a silver dagger in it that stabbed Debow in the chest causing him to have a sucking chest wound. Lester channeled, killing and damaging many zombies. The casters who were out of spells wound up cutting and clawing on one zombie, while Debow laid hands on himself before he and Sandusky killed the goblin boss. There was another room off of this one where everything floated, and the PC’s recovered what looked like the remains of a dead caster: wand, rotten raven, evil prayer book, and a scroll.

The party made their way back to town and told Father Zantus what they found. The new sheriff came back with a usless group of men to reinforce the town.



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